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Craig Brown
Galveston City Council
District 2

Proudly representing the neighborhoods and ciitzens of
San Jacinto, Kempner Park, Silk Stocking,
Lost Bayou Historic District, Lasker Park, Williams-Borden


                            District 2 Newsletter

Photo by Gabor Olah

No, this is not a photo of a visitor trying to use the Pay by Phone Parking App Downtown, this is one othe many wonderful species of birds that we are so fortunate to have on our Island. Galveston has many things to be grateful for and one that is sometimes taken for granted is our very diversified and spectacular bird population. Be it summer or winter we are always accompanied by a variety of birds in our yards, on our beaches and with us everywhere we go. To celebrate Nature's blessings here in Galveston, the Galveston Island Nature Tourism Council is sponsoring the Fourteenth Annual FeatherFest Event. This year's 4 day festival will be April 14-17 during which there will be over 100 activities for nature enthusiasts and photographers - field trips, workshops and evening events

For more information on all the schedule activities, please CLICK HERE.

Wishing you a wonderful April!



Neighborhood Fund Program

At Council's March 24th City Council meeting a program was approved for the selection, management and implementation of Neighborhood Improvements. This program allows

for the continuation of emphasis and funding for enhancements to Galveston's varied Neighborhoods while meeting the requirements for Public Input and

Governmental Accounting.

Further details concerning this new process and improvement updates will be forthcoming in future newsletters.


Galveston Marketing Campaign


As mentioned in last month's Newsletter, the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) approved funding a Marketing Campaign designed to showcase what Galveston has to offer to those individuals and families who choose to live and work on the Island.

The "Cubic" company presented an overview of what they will provide with a sample of what they have done for other communities prior to beginning their public meeting sessions to obtain citizen input. Please take a minute to acquaint yourself with their proposal by viewing their presentation


 Largest Beach Nourishment Project

One of the largest Beach Nourishment projects in the State of Texas from 12th to 61st Streets is scheduled to begin right after the summer season. Originally designed to be similar to the Beach Nourishment Project recently completed west of 61st Stree, funding restrictions have prompted changes to the method of nourishment requiring the sand to be pumpled east to west via a pipe running at the base of the Seawall. This method requires the agreement of private property owners on the East end of the Island and with these approvals this 18 million dollar project is tentatively scheduled to begin October 2016 with a February 2017 completion date. If you like the new beach west of 61st Street you should love the results of the enhanced beach along the Seawall.

Special Event Fee

At a recent City Council meeting an Ordinance was discussed that would levy an "impact" fee on Special Events that close City right-of-ways. This fee is to help cover the costs of City support services, such as sanitation, public works and security for the many events that are held on teh Island each year. After discussion, CIty Staff was directed to reveiw the ordinance for possible changes and to bring these back to the April 28th City Council Workshop for further discussion. To view the draft ordinance as it currently appears please CLICK HERE.

City Manager's Report

The most recent City Manager's Report can be view HERE and as always it is full of information to acquaint you with the latest activities of the City. This month's report is no exception and I think you will find it to be very informative.

Question of the Month

Would you be in favor of an Event Fee to compensate the City for their expenses that close the City's streets?

Vacant Building Registration Program

Ever since I came into office, one of my goals has been to address the vacant buildings in District 2. I have been in discussion with the CIty's Development Services Department to develop such a program tha trequires vacant structures to meet certain staindard from a structural and esthetic standpoint. This program started in San Antonio in January 2015 and has shown to be very successful. More analysis is needed to dertermin if it has merit for our commuity. I will keep you updated as this progresses and in the meantime please CLICK HERE to read a synopsis of the San Antonio program.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) was presented to Council at our March 24th meeting. The City is in very good financial shape with property values, sales tax and reserves at an all time high. The report is very interesting reading and can be viewed in its entirety CLICK HERE.

Galveston's Restore Act Committee

As reported in past newsletters the City of Galveston has established an Ad Hoc Committee chaired by John Simsen and Rhonda Gregg to serve as the co-ordinator and facilitator for all entities on the Island that may be requesting funding from the BP Horizon disaster settement.

The Committee recently informed Council that many organizations and groups on the Island are working through the Committee to coordinate their efforts. Please CLICK HERE to view the most up to date list of the projects that are being planned that will improve the quality of life for our citizens and visitors alike..

The City By the Numbers

36 Total number of Concerts during 2016 Mardi Gras
7 Number of ways the Neighborhood Funds will be divided
200+ Number of Species of Birds on Galveston Island
$44 Million Total Amount recently allocated for Galveston Beach Nourishment Projects
$1 Amount per person that is proposed as an Event Fee
$100,000 Amount allocated for Maritime Economic Impact Study
$30,000 Amount recently allocated for fountain repair at Kempner Park
5 Number of new bathroom/shower facilities planned for the Seawall

City Council Tidbits

Transportation and Economic Development

City Manager Brian Maxwell has just announced the hiring of Rick Beverlin to the position of Assistant City Manager. Rick will be reporting directly to Dan Buckley and will be assuming a plethora of responsibilities, primarily in the grants, transportation and economic development arena.

Maritime Economic Impact Study

The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) has recently voted to approve funding a Maritime Economic Development Impact study for Galveston. This study is a first step in evaluating the impact of the Port and its related activities and will assist in determining how the City can partner with the Port in the future for development of this very valuable resource. To view further details of the study, CLICK HERE.

Drainange Funding

Recently the Park Board of Trustees approved a settlement related to the Texas City Oil SPil in the amount of $400,000. This funding is earmarked for the engineering and construction of a solution for the flooding of East Beach and Stewart Beach Parks.

Park Board to Maintain Seawall Improvements

This summer, the City of Galveston will add amenitites to the Seawall. The amenities include plumbed restrooms, bus shelters with benches, landscaping and bike racks. Recently the Park Board approved entering into an agreement with the City to perform maintenance for those amenities. Park Board starff will be responsible for cleaning restrooms regularly and providing additional litter control. The budget this year for maintaining the amenties is $150,000 for labor, supplies and equipment. Funding will come from Seawall parking revenues.

City Attorney Search

The Human Resources Department has narrowed the applicant pool to seven candidates and has asked the Council to review their credentials. At a Special Meeting of City Council on March 31st, the Council will have narrowed the applicant pool to three candidates and following an interview process will make their selection no later than the last City Council meeting in April.

Mardi Gras 2016

60,000 + Downtown Ticketed Attendees
$2.3 Million Total Mardi Gras Hotel Revenues
2, 923 Participants in the Umbrella Parade
8% 2016 increase over 2015 Hotel Packages Sold
79% 2016 Mardi Gras Hotel Occupancy Rate

IDC Park Funding

Recently the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) funded enhancements to Galveston's Parks in the amount of $451,800. To acquaint yourself with these projects please CLICK HERE.



City Mgr Report

Code enforcement





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